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Unfortunately, many business owners do not see the value in keeping their employee restrooms clean and bright as a perk of being a team member. Some even argue that it's a wasted expense. The reality is that this could not be further from the truth. It makes a tremendous amount of sense from a financial standpoint.

So what are the advantages of investing in your employee restrooms?

#1 - It shows you care about your employees
#2 - Reduces illness, increases attendance, and improves morale.
#3 - Customers who visit your restrooms have a better opinion of your company.
#4 - (Wouldn't 'YOU' like a clean, sanitized, and bright restroom?)

So what's a better restroom consist of:

1 - Clean and Presentable Touch-Free Dispensers.
2 - Paper Towels that dry and don't dissolve in your hands.
3 - Hand Soap that cleans your hands thoroughly and doesn't dry them out!
4 - Touch-Free 70% Hand Sanitizer.
5 - Never-out Toilet Paper Dispensers with quality 2-ply refills.
5 - Automatic Deorantant Spray to cover up stale air.
6 - Urinal Screens with deflection capabilities.
7 - Sufficient waste containers with lids would be an upgrade also.
8 - Mounted Facial Tissue Dispensers
9 - Mirrors that are not damaged nor scratched.
10 - Restrooms require around 70-80 lumens of light per square foot
11 - Clean Floors (corners), Partitions, and Walls.
12 - Lastly, A cleaning service or personnel to keep the area clean, sanitized, and stocked.

Doing Business with RASCo Janitorial Supply.

RASCo is your Triple-S supplier for the facilities maintenance professional. In addition, you'll find that Richard, Aprilmaire, Dolores, Andrea, Kaleb, Chris, Desi, Isaiah, and Adam are here to serve you our customers with personal service and expertise.

We are open six days a week: M-F 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 12 noon. (Please note that we are closed on holiday weekends so our employees can be with their families.)
We accept all major credit cards and provide commercial accounts for those who qualify, including lease equipment programs.

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We’re dedicated to safer, healthier, and environmentally preferable options that let custodians do their important work and do it well, without sacrificing their health. If cleaning staff are healthier, then they can care for their families and make progress in their lives. We believe it is our responsibility to care and take action. Website Link.

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